The Personal Brand


After a year at Baruch College, I’ve heard the term “personal brand” thrown around a lot. Nearly every speaker I’ve seen and professional development event I’ve attended on campus has brought up some form of the idea. It seems to be that personal branding is about establishing an image for oneself that reflects one’s values to the world; a personal aesthetic of sorts. Everything from the way I dress to the way I act should represent my personal brand. Apparently, it’s crucial that I establish a strong personal brand that I can show potential employers so they can determine if I may be a good fit for their organization.

But there are questions here. When do I need to behave in accordance with my brand? What parts of myself and my habits should be incorporated into it? Should I have multiple brands? How intensive should they be?

At all of the events during which the speakers were talking about the personal brand, I am fairly certain I was wearing a suit, usually less jacket and tie. These were events hosted by Baruch in which professionals from a variety of fields were invited to speak about whatever they were speaking about. I was usually the youngest person at the talk, everyone else was also wearing business casual at the least. Why?

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Julian Tineo