Julian Tineo

I have some ideas about design.


More specifically, the role of design in the human experience.


And all of the elements that influence the design process.

  1. Everything that we interact with every day was made by either humans or another member of the natural world.

  2. All the stuff we see/touch/hear/taste/smell that wasn’t created “naturally” was at least in part designed by a human person.

  3. The person who designed some of that stuff has been influenced by a lot of other stuff that other people designed. All of those people were influenced by other stuff, too.

  4. Some of those influences are super easy to notice, others are not.

  • I think there are many elements that influence the way people design things. Noticing them can be helpful in figuring out why something was designed the way it was.

  1. Everything that we interact with began as an idea.

  2. Certain processes familiar to humans led to that idea being brought into each of our experiences.

  3. There are common design principles within the thought processes that go into designing buildings, cities, companies, songs, governments, personal identities, books, marketing strategies, and everything else.

  4. Identifying the common ideas present can help in refining these most basic design processes.

  • I think there are common characteristics between all of the things that have been designed by people that make those things nice or not-quite-as-nice. Identifying these design principles can help in making things that are nice.


I’m a student at Baruch College in New York pursuing a BA in Economics and taking additional courses in architecture, design, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and more to get really good at improving organizations. I’ll probably work in consulting or business development but hope to apply my ideas to a variety of areas.


I think a broad definition of design is incredibly valuable.


I recognize the role emerging tech will play in better design.


I’m always learning about design theory.