Julian Tineo

I have some ideas about design.


I think there are principles shared by well-designed things that can be applied to many areas.


These ideas are a work in progress:

A thing should be built for the being it’s serving.

  • Solutions made for the customer.

  • Writing that’s easily interpreted by the reader.

  • Apps focused on serving the user.

  • A habitat easily navigable by the animal.

  • Transit directions quickly understood by the traveler.

Every element of a thing should serve a purpose.

  • Every sentence in my essay should be useful in asserting my thesis.

  • Every structure built should house something.

  • Every brushstroke in a painting should be there for a reason.

Processes have multiple parts: micro and macro - change starts at the micro

  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics.

  • Cellular productivity and primary productivity.

  • Lifestyles of individuals and functioning of a city.

When there’s a relationship between elements, changes to one should be reflected by the other.

  • In a math equation, it’s essential to make the same changes to both sides of the equals sign.

  • If a change is made to the software employees use, their outputs should change as well.

Nature is the best designer ever.

  • It does all of the above without fail. Where one of the above is lacking, it’s often because humans messed it up.


I’m a student at Baruch College in New York pursuing a BA in Economics and taking additional courses in architecture, design, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and more to get really good at improving organizations.


I think a broad definition of design is incredibly valuable.


I recognize the role emerging tech will play in better design.


I’m always learning about design theory.